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Ashik Mahmud Fasabbi
Name Ashik Mahmud Fasabbi
Department Data Telecommunication And Network Technology
Semester Sixth Semester
Shift First Shift
Section A
Roll 284962
Registration 109207
Session 2015-2016
Year 2018
Gender Male
Date of Birth 08-08-1998
Relagion Islam
Blood Group A+
Father's Name Mushfiqur Rahman
Mother Name Papia begum
Present Address Bonghobondhu Hall, Feni Computer Institute, New Ranir Hut, Feni
Permanent Address Law years coloni, Maijdee, Noakhali
Probidan 2010
Email ashikfasabbi@gmail.com

Engr. Md. Rakib Ullah
Principal of
Feni Computer Institute
Feni Computer Institute is recognized as a state leader in ICT teaching and learning, student relationships and well being. We create a safe social and physical environment that helps all our students learn and succeed. The size of the Institute and the emphasis on developing and maintaining positive relationships means that we know each student as an individual. With around 600 students, we can provide more personal support and greater access to opportunities in each student’s chosen fields of interest. Principal,Feni Computer Institute